In Season Basketball Training

Elite Training Academy is the ideal program for players looking to make significant and measurable improvements in their game. These classes focus on the development of individuals skills and fundamentals. A perfect supplementary classes for players involved with their school team, travel team or AAU.

Classes are all led by our advanced coaches with high level college or professional playing or coaching experience.

In these sessions, players will work on individual skills such as dribbling, footwork, shooting, and advanced moves. We will also incorporate team concepts such as passing and cutting, catch and shooting, off ball spacing, dribble hand offs, and making proper reads.

All skills will be translated into game play and competitions during sessions.

Location: St. David’s (215 E 94th St)

Training Options:

Tuesday 6:00pm – 7:10pm (3rd-5th)

Tuesday 7:15pm – 8:25pm (5th-8th)

Wednesday 6:00pm – 7:10pm (3rd-5th)

Wednesday 7:15pm – 8:25pm (5th-8th)


Dec 14th – March 17th