Fall Hoop Academy 2nd – 7th


Welcome to Hoop Academy: Empowering Girls through Basketball

Hoop Academy is dedicated to nurturing the talent and passion of young female athletes aged 7 to 13. We believe in providing a supportive and competitive environment where girls can develop both individually and as a team. Our program is designed to instill fundamental skills, foster teamwork, and prepare players for success in the upcoming Winter team season.

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Program Overview

At Hoop Academy, we focus on offering a comprehensive basketball experience that combines skill development, team practices with real-game scenarios. Our program emphasizes:

Competitive Experience: Girls will immerse themselves in a competitive basketball environment where they will learn team concepts and apply them in weekly games.

Skill Development: Our developmental league prioritizes the enhancement of individual skills crucial for success on the court. Through tailored training sessions, participants will refine their abilities under the guidance of experienced coaches.

Team Play: We recognize the importance of teamwork in basketball. Through mini team practices and modified gameplay, girls will learn to collaborate effectively and execute strategies on the court.

Age-Appropriate Training: With modified rules and gameplay on 8–10-foot hoops, we ensure that our program caters to the specific needs and abilities of each age group.

Program Details

Dates: Saturdays from September 7th to November 16th


Grades 2nd/3rd: 2:45pm – 4:00pm

Grades 4th/5th: 4:15pm – 5:45pm

Grades 6th/7th: 1:15pm – 2:30pm


Trevor Day UES facility located at 312 E 95th St (1st/2nd)

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